Launch of the Free Speech Union of Australia - Free Speech Union of Australia

Launch of the Free Speech Union of Australia

Monday Oct 02 2023 at 11:00 AM

Press Release

Launch of the Free Speech Union of Australia: a defining moment for the protection and advancement of Free Speech in Australia

The Free Speech Union of Australia (FSU) officially launches today. The FSU is the Australian sister organisation of the original Free Speech Union ( started by Toby Young in the UK. Like all Free Speech Unions, the FSU will be a non-partisan advocate for the Free Speech rights of our members and all Australians.

The vision of the FSU is an Australia where people have their Free Speech rights broadly protected and promoted, not only because Free Speech is a fundamental right and crucial for a functioning democracy, but also because being able to express ourselves freely, without fear of disproportionate ramifications, makes our lives more enjoyable and helps create a culture where artistic expression of all varieties can flourish.

As the first Free Speech focused organisation in Australia, the launch of the FSU is a major step forward in the protection and promotion of this most crucial of rights for Australians.

The FSU would like to invite all Australians who share our values and vision to join as a member from 2 October 2023.

For more information please visit the website or for media enquiries please contact Dara Macdonald by emailing [email protected].