We've got some answers to some commonly answered questions. If you'd like to know more (or would like to get involved), please use our contact form. 

We believe that Free Speech is in crisis in Australia. The Free Speech Union aims to change this, by promoting, protecting and defending Freedom of Speech in Australia.

There are many challenges, there are legal impingements to Free Speech, cultural trends that de-value it, and our institutions (such as universities) that are supposed to uphold Free Speech are instead the worst offenders when it come to limiting it.  

The Free Speech Union will engage in three main activities, the first is to assist members who are penalised for exercising their Free Speech rights, the second is advocating for change, both legal and cultural, that improves Free Speech in Australia, and the third is to educate the broader public about the importance of Free Speech.

Joining the Free Speech Union of Australia will allow you to become part of a community of like-minded individuals who are supportive of Free Speech. Initially, we will provide a range of events and materials for our members that will enable them to meet each other and learn how to protect their own Free Speech rights. As the Free Speech Union grows, we plan to offer an increasing range of benefits for our members, which we expect to include (discretionary) legal assistance in appropriate cases.

Free Speech is foundational to any democratic society. Without it, there is no rule of law, or any guarantee of civil liberties. Nor is there an opportunity to fully flourish as a human being, or to engage in honest conversations with one another. It is therefore fundamental to enjoying life in Australian society. 

We are always looking for people who are enthusiastic about Free Speech to become involved. Please contact us via the website if you would like to get involved beyond signing up as a member.